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Beverly Hills Dermatology Consultants™ provides the highest quality care to patients in the Los Angeles area since 1979 under founder, director and supervising physician, board certified dermatologist, Dr. Letantia Bussell

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Clinical Dermatology  services include treatment for acne, eczema, rosacea and skin rashes, as well as mole and wart removal. Acne treatments may involve in-office drainage and extraction or topical treatments accompanied by an at-home regimen tailored by Dr. Bussell to meet your skin's specific needs. 

40-year commitment to excellence in patient care

Dr. Bussell and her staff provide the latest and most effective Cosmetic Procedures at Beverly Hills Dermatology Consultants such as injectable fillers Juvéderm and Radiesse, as well as Botulinum toxin injections but also perform non-invasive surgical procedures like the Bussell Two-Stitch Mini Face Lift™ and the Bussell Button Lift™. Patients can also benefit from Facial-Electro Resurfacing, microdermabraison and chemical peels to smooth skin texture and color. CosmoPen micro-skin needling with collagen induction can reduce acne scarring and fine lines. Additionally, BH Derm™ provides patients with the latest technology in non-invasive fat reduction using the SculpSure system: body contouring in 25 minutes.

Skin cancer can take many forms such as basal cell carcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma and melanoma. Los Angeles residents are exposed to strong sun and thus it is advisable for them to get annual full body scans to screen for skin cancer or precancerous moles. Beverly Hills Dermatology Consultants performs Mohs micrographic surgery for skin cancer diagnosis and treatment.

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Letantia Bussell, MD is a devoted physician who has been practicing medicine in Beverly Hills for 40 years, has carefully and personally trained her medical team in order to offer the highest quality of dermatological care to as many patients as possible. Read more
Letantia Bussell, MD

Using her 40 years of experience, Dr. Bussell has specially formulated her line of Bussell Skin Care products to help patients achieve and maintain healthy skin at home. Products include her famous Sal-Hydro Fade Formula™, a Multivitamin moisturizer and an Alpha-Hydroxy wrinkle reducing cream. Products are available at the office and online.



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